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Why are uPVC Doors a Good Design Choice?

From a design perspective alone, uPVC doors can be customised to suit the needs of your property. You can choose from a wide array of different panelling options that range from minimalist through to elaborate in appearance – all of which will serve to further enhance the architectural appearance of your home and add value to it.

In terms of insulation, they will keep you warm during those colder evenings and winter months. This will make your home or conservatory a more habitable space to spend time in, whilst at the same time driving down the cost of your utility bills and significantly reducing your carbon footprint – so there are no negatives.

Blocking out unwanted noise is also important. These types of door are extremely effective at soundproofing; this makes them an ideal choice if you live in a built-up area that’s near a traffic intersection or school. By choosing uPVC doors you’ll be turning your home into a quieter environment that you’ll enjoy spending time in.

Three Reasons to Choose uPVC Doors

They’re Fitted to Specification

Our professionally fitted uPVC doors will be built to specification, so that they are a tight fit. This will have the effect of keeping out unwanted draughts that could otherwise cause extensive mould-related problems that could otherwise be expensive to rectify.

A condensation- and mould-free home isn’t the only benefit you’ll notice when we install your brand new doors. Your interior space will also be much warmer and even more cost-efficient to run – because you’ll be expending less money on exorbitantly high utility bills.

They Look Stylish

Although white is a popular design colour for many homeowners, you can customise your doors so that they complement the architectural design choices you’ve already made in your home, orangery or conservatory – and without it costing you a lot of money.

You can further customise your doors by selecting from a range of different panelling-styles, handles and glazing options. They can also be supplied in an array of different laminated colours that are more resistant than standard paint options.

They Perform Better

Our uPVC doors won’t degrade over time. uPVC is both water and salt resistant. They can withstand severe weather conditions and won’t rot or warp like timber framed windows. If you want a product that lasts, these doors will fully meet your requirements.

Because of its weather-resistant properties, this type of door is a lot easier to maintain than clean than some other types of material. It doesn’t need to be sealed or painted and is extremely easy to clean – so it won’t require extensive maintenance.

Professionally Installed uPVC Doors, at a Price You Can Afford

If installed correctly, uPVC doors can last a very long time. Badly fitted ones will, on the other hand, cause a raft of unwanted issues for homeowners – including: draughts, mould and problems with the opening mechanism that make it stiff to operate.

We will fit your uPVC door to the precise specification you supplied, so that it fits tightly within its frame to create a thermal barrier that’ll keep your home warm. Our experienced installers will complete the work on time; but without comprising on quality and in line with building regulations.

With many different types of doors to choose from, you may need help selecting the most suitable product. Whether you want a French or uPVC patio door, our installers will use their extensive knowledge and experience to guide you.

Make uPVC Doors Your First Choice

They’re Versatile

When it comes to choosing your uPVC doors, there are many different product styles available. We will use our expertise to help you make the right buying design decision.

They’re Affordable

Why spend more, when you can get high-quality doors that could last you more than 25 years. Because they’re resistant to corrosion, they’ll be able to withstand even the most inclement weather.

They’re Bespoke

Our range of doors can be made to specification. You can choose from an array of different colour schemes and fitting options, resulting in a product that’ll complement your design choices.

Our Colour Options

Our Glass Options

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