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Secondary Glazing Installers, Reading & Wokingham

Secondary glazing is a service of increasing popularity in the Reading area. It involves the fitting of a near undetectable second ‘window’ on the inside of what exists currently. Doing so adds a range of practical benefits, including thermal performance and reduced noise pollution.

If you live in an older property with original systems, you would naturally be hesitant to remove them and have them replaced with new uPVC ones. By choosing our secondary glazing service, you don’t have to. The windows are never replaced, but instead added to.

We work with Granada, who are renowned throughout our industry as the absolute experts in secondary glazing. Their systems can be accurately designed to replicate your existing windows, while adding innovative, modern benefits.

Secondary Glazing Benefits

Improved Thermal Performance

By adding another layer of glazing to your existing windows, thermal performance can be enhanced significantly. The industry leading Granada units that we install can help to drastically improve the thermal retention of even the oldest window. With a full suite of secondary double glazing units fitted to your home, the overall Performance Certificate (EPC) rating could improve.

Energy Efficiency 

Additional Security

Our durable, well installed secondary glazing offers another layer of security for you as the homeowner. Already secure windows can be taken to the next level, offering peace of mind for the whole family. All the while, to attain this security standard, a home’s period charm doesn’t have to be compromised. You can enjoy the best of both worlds with this service.


RAL Colour Customisation

One of the best benefits of our secondary glazing is that it is made bespoke. Whatever design inspiration you’re after here in the Reading area, we can accommodate it. This includes over 200 RAL colour finishes for the uPVC framework. From the subtle to the striking, we can offer it all via our supplier, Granada. You can get the perfect aesthetic for your home.

200 Ral Colours, Secondary Glazing 

Perfectly Installed Secondary Glazing

Quality Direct are long serving home improvement experts operating in Reading and the surrounding areas. We bring decades of industry experience to every project, meaning we can complete effortless and efficient fittings of our secondary glazing.

We understand that renovating an older property, even with subtle renovations, can be a stressful period. We’re here to reassure you every step of the way, offering a personal service that removes the hassle from home renovations.

Post installation, our team are on-hand if you have any questions about maintenance or operation. You can have peace of mind in your investment too, knowing our secondary glazing service is backed by a ten year guarantee.

Better Soundproofing

An added benefit of having secondary glazing installed is the improved soundproofing it can often provide. With another layer of glazing fitted to an existing window, less noise pollution will occur, helping you enjoy a more disconnected, private atmosphere in the home. Even those in more urban areas of Reading can enjoy better standards of acoustic insulation with our secondary glazing.

Bespoke Designs

Our secondary glazing can be designed to suit just about any style of window. From the classic casement, to vertical and horizontal sliding profiles, we have the secondary unit for you. We can even cater to fully bespoke window shapes and sizes, producing CAD drawings subject to a home survey. For more information on the latter, contact our team in Reading today.

Cost Effective Investments

The installation of secondary glazing can often come at a kinder expense than other renovations. All the while, it goes a long way to improving the visual appeal, thermal performance and security of your home. If you’re looking for ways to improve your property in the Reading area but are unsure of` the size of your budget, our secondary double glazing service could be perfect.

Secondary Glazing Quote

Getting a quote for some secondary double glazing couldn’t be easier. You can contact our team in Reading directly, wherever you are based throughout our expansive local coverage area. We can ascertain the details of your home renovations and provide a secondary glazing cost.

You can also contact us via the same online form if you have any questions about the service on offer. Our team are only happy to provide the answers to your enquiries. For anything more urgent, please call us directly on 0118 970 1404.

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