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What are uPVC Sliding Sash Windows?

They are a modern and highly efficient form of window that’ll expertly protect your home from unwanted draughts and, from a carbon emissions perspective, make it not just a warmer place to live in – but a more environmentally friendly one. uPVC sliding sash windows also have an eye-catching design that looks authentic and will add value to your property.

In terms of their operation, uPVC sliding sash windows have been designed to slide open or closed vertically; this is achieved through the use of a cleverly-conceived tilting mechanism that’s been designed to provide your home with optimum ventilation (and make cleaning and maintaining your uPVC sliding sash windows easy).

Aesthetically, the uPVC sliding sash window is extremely appealing. But it also comes complete with a high-quality and fully up-to-date locking mechanism that will prevent intruders from accessing your home. Additional security features can be added in the event that you want to upgrade to a different system.



Why Choose uPVC Sliding Sash Windows?

They’re Energy Efficient

Double glazed uPVC sliding sash windows will stop unnecessary heat escaping from your property; this will create a more ambient climate within your home that will have the added effect of reducing your utility bills – thereby saving you money.

Keeping your home warm and energy efficient is important. But by choosing uPVC sliding sash windows for your property, you’ll also be making an environmental impact too – as you’ll be able to significantly reduce your carbon emissions.

They’re Very Secure

Protecting your home from unwanted access is a priority for all homeowners. uPVC sliding sash windows are more effective at providing adequate security than others – so it’s important to choose a design and style that will protect your family from harm.

uPVC sliding sash windows are always fitted with the latest lock and catch technology that’s designed to prevent intruders from breaking into your property. You can also upgrade your security system to include more advanced features.

They’re User-Friendly

A window that’s been badly installed or maintained will be difficult to open and close. uPVC sliding sash windows have an inbuilt counterbalancing system that overcomes this problem – meaning that can be operated fluidly and without any difficulty.

Because they can be opened and closed easily, uPVC sliding sash windows allow heat to escape through the top – whilst cooler air enters from below. This helps contribute to a healthy climate that’s especially beneficial during the summer.



Expertly Installed uPVC Sliding Sash Windows

Our team of double glazing specialists understand the importance of completing a building project properly. uPVC sliding sash windows that are poorly installed can cause a range of different problems further down the line – including, but not limited to, security risks and insufficient heat retention.

We are an accredited company that always works within defined health and safety parameters. This means that we won’t just get the work finished on time – we’ll complete it safely too. The resultant effect will be uPVC sliding sash windows that are aesthetically appealing and built to last.

Whether you want us to install new uPVC sliding sash windows – or even a composite door – in your home, our specialists will work with you to implement a design solution that works on both a practical and visual level, leaving you with a product that will add value to your property.

Three Reasons to Choose uPVC Sliding Sash Windows

Attractive Design

uPVC sliding sash windows can be fitted using an array of different colours, including woodgrain. Whatever design decision you make, we’ll help you find an option that suits your décor.

Hassle Free

If you want a product that’s easy to clean and look after, choose uPVC sliding sash windows. They open and close fully, so that you can clean each section without any access issues.

Long Lasting

Quality Direct only supplies industry-leading window products that have been designed to last and which are fully backed by manufacturer guarantees – enabling you to buy with peace of mind.

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