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A Perfect Balance of Versatility and Style

Orangeries traditionally look like extensions of the property they are built in to. That’s because contemporary orangeries are built out of brick that normally replicates the pattern used in the main dwelling. They will often feature a glass lantern roof that lets in lots of natural light, which helps to create a sense of space.

Modern orangeries are more analogous to conservatories. In addition to glass roofs, their frontage is often of the same construction. This means they can be designed as an in between space that seamlessly links together your interior and exterior areas. The versatility of its design makes the orangery a popular design choice.

Orangeries can, therefore,  be designed for privation or in a more open-plan format that’s been manufactured to let the outside world in. They are both practical and attractive in appearance and are suitable for all different types of properties; they are both suitable for homes with abundant or limited amounts of space.

Orangeries Come with a Host of Benefits

It Has Many Uses

An orangery can be used to fulfil a range of practical objectives. It can be easily converted into an office space, a living room or dining area – or something altogether different. Whether you opt for a contemporary or classic design, orangeries are a wise investment choice.

Orangeries can, therefore, save you money. Instead of incurring the expense of legal fees – and taking on higher mortgage payments – you can stay where you are and add value to your property.


Stay Warm Always

Orangeries built in both the classic and modern mould are effective at retaining heat. They will provide you with a habitable environment that you can enjoy all day and all year round – which makes them ideal if you’re using them to entertain friends and family.

Because they’re so thermally efficient, orangeries will prevent warm air from escaping. As a result of this, you will notice a pronounced reduction in your heating bills and lower your carbon footprint too.

Many Different Designs

Orangeries aren’t just suitable for larger properties. For homeowners seeking building solutions to solve spatial challenges, orangeries can provide a valid response to the issue at hand. That’s because they can be built for most types of home: regardless of its size and shape.

You can further customise your orangery by selecting from a catalogue of high-quality products. We can supply you with a wide range of different door types – including composite and French patio types – and help you choose a colour scheme.

The Perfect Design, Installed at a Cost so Suit your Budget

An orangery will look attractive, provide you with additional room and increase the worth of your home. But if the installation is poorly completed, you could find yourself confronted with a range of expensive and time-consuming problems to solve. If the doors and windows aren’t fitted tightly enough, for example, you could experience draughts and mould-related issues.

By choosing Quality Direct to undertake your installation, you’ll be guaranteed a level of service that is fast and efficient – but without compromising on build quality. Our extensive experience of orangeries – combined with our meticulous approach – means we’ll complete your extension within defined planning and building regulatory guidelines.

Quality Direct is fully accredited and can advise you on all aspect of the building project: from the initial survey phase, through to the physical construction and interior design process. Our installers understand orangeries very well and will, therefore, be perfectly poised to answer any technical questions you may have as things progress.

Here’s Why You Need an Orangery

They Add Value

Instead of moving somewhere else to make space, build an orangery on to your home and turn it in to an extra bedroom, studio or playroom for your children – you’ll be increasing its market value at the same time.

They Look Stylish

Orangeries can be customised so that they complement the existing features of your existing home. Whatever the size of your property, there’s a design that will complement its appearance.

They are Bright

Flooding your orangery with plenty of natural light will help create a greater sense of space, even if you have very little room available within which to site the structure.

Orangeries Prices

We can supply you with quotes for orangeries that are locally competitive. For a free no obligation quote, please use our contact form to send us a question and we’ll reply as soon as possible.

Our Glass Options

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