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Combine Style and Practicality with Some Brand-New uPVC French Doors

Our uPVC French doors can be customised to suit your requirements – so that you can choose a design that ties in with the existing features of your home. You’ll also be able to select from an extensive colour palette and security hardware – resulting in a product that’s aesthetically suitable and keeps your home safe and secure.

Another advantage of this style of door is that it can be used to separate interior and exterior spaces. This makes it an excellent choice if you want to make your conservatory private – or demarcate it from the kitchen. At the same time – because it lets in lots of light – the uPVC French door will help create an illusion of space.

If you’ve been looking at French doors with the intention of using them as the main entry point into your home,  they are a good choice. This is because they are highly-effective at maximising heat retention; in direct contrast, uPVC patio doors take longer to open and close, resulting in a greater influx of air. From an energy efficiency point of view alone, this makes uPVC French doors a wise investment.

The Three Biggest Benefits of uPVC French Doors

Seamless Transition

Because they are mostly composed of glass, uPVC French doors excel at creating a sense of connection between otherwise distinct spaces. This means you can close them without feeling closed in – which is ideal if you want some privacy, but don’t want to feel too cut off.

uPVC French doors are therefore superior transitional pieces that – even when closed – give a greater impression of interior space, whilst at the same time seamlessly joining your home to your garden, or your garden to your conservatory.

Long Lasting

There are many different types of door available, many of which will suit your budget. But not all of them will be built to last. Our uPVC French doors are built with longevity in mind, so you’ll be investing in a product that won’t need replacing in a few years’ time.

Their durability also makes them harder to bypass. This means they serve a dual purpose, in that they’re not prone to corrosion or easily damaged – and will at the same time help protect your home from intruders who are seeking illegal access.

Cost Saving

uPVC French doors will help you to significantly lower your monthly heating bills. This means they are best sited at key entry points into your home, which is where you will be losing a lot of heat and, at the same time, receiving a lot of your cold air from.

If your windows aren’t energy efficient, you might consider replacing them with uPVC French doors instead. Keeping your entryways protected is important. But this process needs to be followed on a room-to-room basis to keep your home warm.

Attractively Designed Doors that are Practical Too

Choosing a style of French door that complements the architectural layout of your home will be easy when you choose Quality Direct as your installer. We can advise you on a diverse range of different colour and security options – and assist you with some of the finer details too, like choosing the most suitable type of handle.

The physical installation of your uPVC French doors is as important as the design stage. With extensive experience in this area, our specialist team will carefully fit your product into place to make sure there are no unexpected problems that could be expensive to fix during the post-installation stage.

Make uPVC French Doors Your No. 1 Choice

They Stand Out

uPVC French doors can be tailored to create eye-catching designs that are bound to catch people’s attention. Whatever your design preferences may be, we’ll have a solution to suit your home. Because they use more glass than other products – such as solid doors – they allow in a greater amount of light, which is ideal if you want to create a greater impression of space.

They are Secure

The highly robust design of uPVC French doors means that they can last for decades. It is this inherent structural strength that also makes them very difficult to break in to. When you buy uPVC French doors from Quality Direct, you’re investing in a product that will protect your family – and your valuable possessions – from unwarranted access too.

They Join Spaces

If you are having a conservatory built, there will be times when you want to let in ambient sound and fresh air from the garden; but there will also be instances when you don’t. Because uPVC French doors are constructed largely from glass, they let in lots of natural light – even when you’ve closed them for the purposes of privation. This makes them extremely versatile.

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